Brooklyn... Why Go?

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Your either a Brooklyn person or you are not, and I am most defiantly am not, but the borough does have its perks and I thought I would share with you some of the only reasons why I travel into the unloved area.


Food, food, and more food? Yes Smorgasburg is an all ALL food flea market, containing about 75-100 vendors throughout the five boroughs. This market is truly amazing, you can get just about any type of food from authentic barbecue to vegan treats, it really does cater to all types of people. Yes, some of the items can be a bit pricey but theres no obligation to buy anything! You can just spend the day checking out what they have, oh and don't forget the copious amounts of free samples.

 Brooklyn Flea
I had another post on my old blog talking about my love for flea markets, the unexpectedness of them. Its true what they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. Now if you are anything like me and get really skeeved out looking at all the junk, Brooklyn Fee is definitely more "commercial"( less "junk"). Yes there is some "junk" but there are tons of vintage clothes and other rare finds. I think its safe to say that these cans of beer are expired. Don't you think?

 Brooklyn Bridge

By far my favorite bridge going into and out of Manhattan, it is absolutely beautiful and the walk across it is a must at least once in your lifetime. I have done it several times and every time the view from the bridge just gets me. I am not a bike rider but given the tons of riders that ride back and forth i would say that is something you should try out.

 The View

Hands down the BEST views are in Brooklyn. You just don't realize how beautiful New York City is until you take a step back, get out of the smelly city, and really take in the view. This photo was taken at the Williamsburg Waterfront on the pier. It was actually quite relaxing even when the Brooklyn Flea was happening just feet away. The view from DUMBO is also quite spectacular too.

I won't really get into this because I could go on for days. There are so many different restaurants and places to eat in Brooklyn, and whats nice about them is that they are actually affordable unlike places in Manhattan that tries to sell you two piece of toast and call it a sandwich for $10. As long as you don't travel out into the deep ends of Brooklyn your fine, now if you do then you may end up in Dunkin Doughnuts in a verbal altercation with a stranger cause you "looked" at them. 
(NYC Tip 1: don't look anyone in the eyes... no matter what)

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  1. I love your blog! :) These are good tips! I hope to go to NYC Next year! :) Xo,Pam

  2. It sounds amazing! I'd so love to visit xoxo


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