Pink and Silver

8:30 PM

So I was never a fan of doing my nails because frankly I suck it, but after spending most of the day on Pintrest I have been inspired to give it a try. Considering I have the LARGEST most UNSTEADY hands ever, they came out pretty well.

Since I am posting this at work (clearly I am not working) i don't have the photo of the polishes, but I used:

Sinful Colors- Hazard (coral)
Julep- Hailee (silver)

I love both these brands, Sinful Colors because they are super cheap and comes in every color under the rainbow, I got this bottle for 1.99. As for Julep, do I even need to say it, it is the smoothest most velvety nail polish I have ever used. It really glides on with ease with no worry of bubbles.

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  1. Love this nail look!

  2. I always buy Sinful Colors too because of its cheap price tag... but the color choices are definitely not as varied as the ones Julep offers. Love both brands none the less!
    Thanks for reaching out on IFB! Can't believe you just started this blog. The photography and layout is great! Stay in touch! x
    Love, Shushu

  3. SO SO cute!! Lovely blog. I am following you now hope you can follow back :)


  4. Oh by, if you can be inspired enough by all the beautiful nail pictures there are then I have no excuse. I have been procrastinating about putting up nail polish posts on my blog. This is a really pretty peachy colour.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  5. Waai! I love your blog... You really make me miss New York... I am following you. Please feel free to check out my blog which entails fashion (and life) on the West coast!

    I go to NYC at least twice a year so I definitely will enjoy keeping up with your blog so I can know some good places to go!

    Keep up the good work!

    xox Haruka

  6. I'm so terrible at painting nails also! And I love Sinful Colors, they are such great quality for 1.99 =)
    The coral color seems to have a matte finish which looks pretty cool...think I might have to pick it up!


  7. Oh you just reminded me I guess I don't think of it much but I did put a matte finish top coat. In this case I used the new NYC Matte Me Crazy. How ever I have also used Essie Matte About You. Both work just as well.

  8. theses colours are really gorgeous!
    love how you've taken the photo as well (:

    i'm now following you (: came across your blog on IFB.


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