10/6-10/7 Weekend Update

5:45 PM

Clearly i meant to post this on Monday, oh well better late than never. Its fair season! I once again unexpectantly ran into a street fair near University Place while going to Rugby and then getting a $4.25 Bahn Mi (Read Here). I love the unexpectedness of them, I mean yea you have your corn and sausage and peppers stands but then you have those unique tables that really stand out. If you have never been to a street fair, I suggest you find one soon before it gets cold.

Its scarf season! There were tons of vendors selling fleece scarfs and a few selling Pashmina; for 5 dollars you really can't go wrong in buying a few accent color pashminas for the fall and winter season.

These were the stairs going up to Opening Ceremony near Canal Street, there's like two dozen steps and each one had some sort of of message; not sure if they all made a complete story.

Little Italy prepping themselves for the festive fall season with decorative scarecrows.


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  1. The photos you took made the Street fair look as though it would be a great place to go and visit. You really captured the colours ( or colors )

  2. Hi Eden, your blog looks very original and beside NYC is one of ours fav cities , see u around for sure

  3. Love your photos! Great blog :) I'm actually going to make red velvet cupcakes today after seeing your photo.


    Kim x

  4. This looks like so much fun. I love all of those scarves! They are beautiful. :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

  5. My weakness...fairs, desserts and shopping!! Thanks for this post ;)



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