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Oh what can I say about this italian haven in the middle of the Flatiron district, other than amazing. If you live or have been to New York City and haven't visited Eatly, you are missing out. Located on 5th ave on 23rd street, Eatly is a cross between a very fresh supermarket, a restaurant, a butcher, a fish market, and a fresh pasta shop; a lot i know! 

The layout of Eatly is quite peculiar, one minute your by a stand of tomatoes and the next you're standing next to someones table a few minutes later you are standing in front of a plethora of italian cookbooks; as weird as this is it doesn't kill the authentic and friendly atmosphere. Ive gotten gelato here in the past, and it hands down is the best I have ever tasted.

On my way down to China Town today me and my boyfriend stopped in, not to buy anything but just to ogle, and ogling we did. The employees were in a meeting on the middle of the sales floor, and many were prepping for the day. Oh what I wouldn't do to run away with that box of parmesan cheese.

Although I love all of Eatly my favorite spot to pass by is the fresh pasta area; literally you watch them roll out pounds of pasta in front of you, if that doesn't scream fresh I don't know what does.

To learn more about Eatly go to:

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  1. Wow this place looks so amazing - will definitely check it out when I get back to NYC next!


  2. Oh my, I do love Italian food - this place is a dream come true! xo <3

  3. Great pics!
    Everything looks so delish!

    xo Ally (your newest follower)

  4. Hi Eden! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award today :) Here's my post about it:

    Katherine |

  5. Love the pictures..awesome great blog dear..
    I'd Love if you could please check out my new post,
    let me know if you want to follow each other.


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