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Normally I am not a fan of people posting commentaries on runway shows and wouldn't do it myself, however yesterday was as good as Christmas when the Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 line debut. Since Sarah Burton took over, I feel like the lines lost that special thing that only Alexander McQueen gave to us, yet when it comes to Spring 13 we have finally got something that COULD have been produced by the late McQueen himself.

Sarah Burton had said that the line was inspired by bees; the headpieces the models are wearing are suppose to resemble bee keeper hats. This also ties in the honeycomb geometric pattern on the garments. If you watch the video below you can hear the sounds of bees in the background.

I am absolutely in love with this dress, like all Alexander McQueen's work it is extremely tailored yet very feminine and soft.

The following video is the entire show. Enjoy!

All photos were taken off of Vogue

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  1. Amazing post! I found you on IFB, now I followed you on GFC, take a look at my blog and maybe follow me back if you like :)


  2. I love McQueen! Thanks for friending me on IfB!


  3. Love McQueen so much - its so amazing, just wish i could wear it everyday!
    I have followed :D


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