10/11 - 10/14 Weekend Update

1:57 PM

It appears that the only free time that I have had lately is between classes, this weekend was a crazy one, but a phenomenal one at best. Thursday I went to my 6th Coheed and Cambria concert at Webster Hall, located near Union Square. I have loved this band since I was ten, so any opportunity I can see them i take advantage of. Unfortunately Webster Hall has a strict " no nice camera" policy so this photo wasn't take with my DSLR.

This was the first time I have ever been in the Grand Ballroom of Webster Hall, andI don't suggest if possible going there. Its small, and they are the most unorganized venue I have ever been to. Yea its nostalgic, but being held in a tiny room prior to entry was not right, people who were waiting for five hours got pushed back in line because of how chaotic is was. Overall the show was as they always are... mind-blowing, I still have the bruises to prove it.

Saturday I saw them play an acoustic set at the new Apple store in Soho, who knew Apple does these things.

Sunday I took a little visit to Madison Square Park to check out the food related event that was going on.

The layout is very similar to the Union Square Holiday Market, which i highly suggest you go to it when it comes time. I didn't get anything because I ended up walking to Chinatown to get another Bahn Mi, but the vendors were pretty well known. A lot of the vendors here are also at Smorgasburg which is coming to an end in the beginning of November. 

Now that midterms are coming to an end , expect many more posts from me!

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  1. I love the photos!!!

  2. I hope to visit NY one day. Everything looks great!



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