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7:46 AM

As the temperatures begin to drop, and sweet potato is seen in EVERYTHING, out bodies go through a sort of transformation from wanting things, to REALLY wanting things. I don't know what it is about November and December, but my need to shop just increases tremendously. I decided to share with you all just a few things I have been eyeing.

1. Sephora by OPI Good Tidings We Bling!- $10.00 Such a festive color, and so on trend with the "glitter"; so many nail art possibilities.

2. Hue Polka Dot Tights - $13.50 (ON SALE: $10.13) It gets pretty cold in New York during the winter, tights are pretty necessary if you don't want to freeze your butt off when wearing anything but pants (okay they don't keep you that warm... this may just be my excuse to buy them). Polka dots are extremely popular now, and the tights allows you to wear this hot trend without going overboard.

3. Kate Spade New York 'Call to Action- Gia' Pouch- $78.00 I am absolutely head over heels in love with Kate Spade, and this decently sized pouch is so adorable. It also comes in a large tote and iPad case.

4. NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner- $23.00 I wear eyeliner religiously, and I am looking for a new one since my current liner just fades throughout the day; I have had NARS products in the past so I would love to try their eyeliner.

5. KP Photoshop Shortcuts Keyboard Sleeve - I have been eyeing this for a while, it would make photoshopping SO much easier, since its all about knowing your shortcuts.

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  1. the glitter nail polish is my kinda thing!
    love your blog, following you now.
    would love if you could check mine back :)

  2. Nice blog, and beautiful pictures x

  3. Hi, i just pass out in your blog and I was reading your profile, I want to ask you, what do you think about Fashion Institute of Technology? I'm lookin for a Fashion school but no one has convinced me yet. Thanks for read, and your blog is really pretty. ;)

  4. If you want to go to a fashion school FIT is the one to go to. Just by saying you go to FIT opens so many doors for internships and jobs in the future, FIT students definitely have an upper hand against schools like Parsons and LIM. However if you are looking for the "college" experience you won't find it there, the school is highly competitive even after you get in and is A LOT of work. But I love it and wouldn't have chosen any other fashion school. I hope that helps :) and thank you

  5. lol! loving the little bag!

    blog: www.aroundlucia.com
    shop: www.shoplumo.com

  6. I love the photoshop keyboard shortcut sleeve I have to have one , wonder if they do one for illustrator short cuts if so that's what Im buying myself for Christmas.
    I have some advice for fashion students on my blog and some free vector graphics if you want to take a look

  7. I really like everything but I think that keyboard is definitely essential for us bloggers, what a cool idea, thanks for sharing:)


  8. awesome picks!! i love the kate spade!!


  9. Hi dear, I got your message on IFB... so here I am!
    Please check out my blog too

    Love, Elisa

  10. lovely blog:) started following you on bloglovin' . I hope you can check out mine:)


  11. it happens the same to me!!! i guess we ant to buy all the things maybe we haven't got along the year?? I on't knowwwwww!!! PSychiatrist here now!!


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