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I remember wearing cords when I was ten years old, they were dull, and were the most uncomfortable pair of pants my mother made me wear. Well there baaack, but so much better than before. The corduroy pant has returned with a whole new look, in colors that perhaps you wouldn't have thought of. As a college student I am always looking for a good deal, so I have decided to share with you my affordable results for the colored cord.

1.  KUT from the Kloth 'Diana' Skinny Corduroy Pants - $69.50 (Coming in 13 different colors these vibrant cords look absolutely comfortable ; and because your buying from Nordstroms you know you are getting good quality)


1. 1969 Legging Cords - $ 59.95 (9 colors; limited sizes online however they are fully stocked in their 

2. 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Cords - $69.95 ( 1 color, I love the way they styled it with heels)

3. 1969 Always Skinny Cords - $69.95 (2 colors)


1. Modern Super Skinny Corduroys - $59.50 (8 more conservative colors than the others)

  Old Navy

1. Women's The Rockstar Pop-Color Cords- $34.50-$29.50 (I am not the biggest fan of Old Navy, but their cords look adorable coming in brights and pastels)

 Forever 21

1. Premium Corduroy Skinny Pants - $26.90 (I was surprised that they only had one pair that only came in two colors)

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  1. So many amazing colorful pants at such a great range of prices!

    xo Ally

  2. i love everything in your blog!
    following you now, and as well on bloglovin. :)

    Re : thank you for your comment on my blog, you’re super sweet!
    follow me back?

    Stay in touch <3

  3. These pants are all amazing! I so wish that I lived in NYC! You're so lucky!

  4. Love all the cords! Thank you for your sweet comments


  5. Loving the bright toothpick pant! Adorable :)



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