First Snowfall

7:26 AM

Snow in November? I've seen weirder, although this snow came at a bad time considering much of lower Manhattan doesn't have heat, and some still don't have power. I have the urge to go over to the neighboring post office sorting facility roof and roll around in that perfect blanket of snow.

Winter is definitely upon us, which excites me. I love the holidays; good food, great sales, what more can a girl ask for.

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  1. WAW! I'm so captivated by the images you constantly post on NYC. Still haven't made a proper visit. These make me to want to make one soon though :)

    Btw, finally going through the blogs of people who added me as friends on IFB. Really like your blog! Fresh :) Hope you take some some time to visit too:)

    xoxo Gozika ;)


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