Holiday Gift Guide: The Photography Lover

7:20 AM

Tis the season to buy gifts, now if you haven't already bought all your gifts on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, then you are probably like me... stuck or broke. Well have no fear! as I do my holiday shopping I am going to post several affordable gift guides for certain types of people; this one is for the photo lover.

You don't need to buy a photo lover a new camera especially if they already own the one they want, there are tons of accessories and add ons that they will love!

1. Lens Filters - These little attachable filers really add something to your photos. Personally I have a UV filter and it makes a huge difference. You also don't need to buy the hundred dollar filters for results, there are many companies out there that sell affordable filters such as Hoya.

2. Lomography Film - If you have never seen a Lomo photo you need to check it out. When you use Lomography film and get it developed in normal chemicals it gives your photos an awesome effect.

3. Holga 35mm Camera - I know I just said you don't need to buy a camera for the photo lover but this Holga camera is relatively cheap at $50. Like Lomography film it creates crazy photos that you just can't get with a normal film camera.

4. Flickr or 500px Account - I love my Flickr, and with a pro account you can see visitor statistics, they really come in handy when you want to see what photos drove in more views; Flickr pro is priced at $24.95 for a year. 500px is relatively new, but totally awesome, like Flickr you pay for a year subscription either $19.95 for a Plus account or $40.95 for a Awesome account. One thing 500px gives you that Flickr does not is if you have an Awesome account 500px will allow you to sell your photographs.

5. Hot Shots Book- I was actually given this for my birthday a few years ago, it goes through different types of photos (slow shutter speed, fast , night shots) it really proved to be an inspiration.

6. Wireless DSLR Remote - There is nothing more annoying than taking a slow shutter speed shot and it blurring because of your unsteady fingers when you push the button. I actually own this Nikon remote for my D90 and it has come in handy.

This guide was created for IFB's Project #72

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  1. I second the wireless DSLR remote! Great list. :)

  2. I want that yellow camera! So fabulous!

  3. Love the camera , These are such cute and thoughtful gift ideas.

    Xo Amy,
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