Oh Instagram...

12:09 PM

Oh Instagram, what can I say about this picture driven social media tool? site? app? I don't even know what to call it. I am the first to admit, its not my favorite; everyone who uses instagram thinks they are a photographer, many forego their legitimate cameras to take pictures with a crappy iPhone camera and slap a filter on it. Yes they look pretty cool, however this is not an excuse for people to stop taking REAL pictures with a REAL camera. All that ranting aside it is growing on me, I check it ever so often after I have checked Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Flickr, IFB, Bloglovin, and Fancy (clearly one to many social networking sites).

Since my internship still has no power i have had an immense amount of free time...clearly. So if you want to follow me on Instagram its @Edenc4, and please send me yours I am quite interested in checking out my readers photos.

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