A Train Ride Through Mini New York

8:48 AM

How is it that my least favorite borough can be so beautiful at times, yes I am talking about the Bronx. Normally I would not even venture here, but my boyfriend goes to Fordham and occasionally I need to be a good girlfriend and visit him for a change. Well if you didn't already know the Botanical Gardens are located just feet away from Fordham's campus; I love journeying into the miles of greenery in the spring it really makes me forget that I live in New York City. Well obviously its fall and so all that greenery is gone, however the Botanical Gardens puts on a large train show for the holidays, so we decided to go.

Now I was never a little boy growing up (obviously) but my boyfriend was so this trip was for him. He's been wanting to see the train show since he started going to Fordham so I decided to suck it up and go with him, and I am glad I did. 

It took a bit of time to get in there, its line after line after line but when you finally get moved to the line inside at least you have some lovely plants to occupy you.

The Botanical Gardens make it so much more than just a train show, they recreate tons of monuments (mostly in New York) out of nature. So that photo of the Statue of Liberty.... carved out of wood.

All of it, and I mean all of it is made out of things you find in nature, leaves, rocks, twigs, and its all crazy detailed. 

It wasn't just the little kids who got excited about the trains, I found myself mesmerized by the tiny objects on wheels as they zipped from bridge to bridge and ducked under tunnels.

This one was by far my favorite, it was the Manhattan skyline constructed from its most famous buildings ( Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, The Rock, St Patricks Cathedral...)

Oh the amount of times I spent walking over this bridge, the mini model was spectacular made out of stone like the real one. Walking through the rooms my boyfriend and I had tons of those " oh we were there" moments, it definitely brought back memories.

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  2. Very nice pictures I live in new york and I have never been.Your pictures inspired me to take a trip.

  3. AMAZING photos! love it! www.fashionifancy.com

  4. Growing up, there was a house in the neighbourhood that had a mini train and city set-up in the front yard - we'd go by on the weekends and the owner would switch it on for the kids. As I found out later, he had some cheeky political jokes built into the city and the signage - so it was fun for the grown-ups too!

    Thanks for sharing - brings back good memories -

  5. Hello Eden! I have just nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. I believe your blog is wonderful and you deserve a solid support and recognition from others!!! Keep up doing great work!!!
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    xxx, Tess

  6. I used to live in the Bronx :) Beautiful photography!


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