Holiday Oasis in Bryant Park

4:48 PM

You almost forget that you are in New York City when you step into Bryant Park, yes its surrounded by skyscrapers and yes theres always a ton of people there but theres something so quiet about the park; that is until the holidays. Like Union Square and 5th avenue, Bryant park gets festive for the holiday season, inviting many vendors to set up stand surrounding what used to be a field is now an ice rink.

Personally I like the tree in Bryant Park better than Rockefella, also there are less people here so you can actually see the tree and not have to wedge between a group of tourists. On one side of the park you have the famous New York Library, and on the other you have the hustle and bustle of 6th avenue. Yet with all of this going on there is a quaint cozy atmosphere in the park.

Like the Union Square holiday market Bryant park brings in many familiar vendors, and some not so familiar like this pickle stand. I love pickles so when my boyfriend and I saw that they had an "extremely hot" one we had to try it. Now I am the queen of spicy , and this had to be the hottest pickle I had ever had, it made tears roll down my cheeks (It was amazing). From kettle corn to chocolate to ornament shops Bryant Park brings in tons of vendors for holiday shopping.

So that wraps up all the holiday markets, I am actually going home for a about a month (upstate NY) so for the next month we will have food/recipe posts and some outfit posts that I am really excited to get started on! 

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  1. Nice ! I wish I am in NY now !!

    XX Luba

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  2. I've nominated you for an award!

  3. Oh NY! Everyone are so busy getting Christmas presents!. I wish someday I could see what`S like to be there in a Christmas day!


  4. Hello lovely!
    I wanted to say that I have chosen you as a nominee for the liebster award! I really like your blog and I think it needs to get more recognition So, here is the link to the post where you can see all the details about this little project:

    Keep on doing the great work! xoxo

  5. Nice post! Great blog.



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