Holiday Spirit in Union Square

11:39 AM

Its finally December AND I am doing a Holiday post? Go figure. I have actually been pretty sick for the past week (reason for lack of posts) so it felt good to finally get out and explore the Union Square Holiday Market this weekend. Hands down this is my favorite market, its just so festive it really gets you in the holiday spirit.

Its clear from the map that it is expansive; they have such a diverse array of stands from portable hand warmers to hand crafted ornaments, and don't forget the food. If you still have people that you have to buy gifts for it shouldn't be hard to find something here, or at least get inspired. The majority of these vendors you can only see here, they are just so unique, and most of the goods are hand crafted your not going to find your mainstream gift here. In addition to the new festively decorated stands the normal farmers market is still there (smaller and slightly more festive but still there)

With the Christmas music playing in the background, and all that garland it was hard not to get excited for December 25th. 

I don't even know what these hand carven moons are, ornaments? Whatever they are they are adorable.

Its like playing Wheres Waldo with the stand owner. FOUND HER!

The market goes until December 24th for all of you who are last minute shoppers and is open:
M-F 11am-8pm
Saturday 10am- 8pm
Sunday 11am- 7pm

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