Mohonk Mountain

4:56 PM

So not only did my lovely boyfriend buy me a Nikkor 28mm manual lens for my Nikon D90, but then he surprised me by taking me to breakfast and a day to use that lens at Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz (a little more upstate from where I live). I LOVE big breakfast, and this was the mother of all big breakfasts. 

These pictures were taken using my new lens which I love!

Round 1: eggs with bacon and potatoes .

Round 2: pancakes with a mess of fruit walnuts bananas and whipped cream on top.

Round 3: more pancakes and fresh fruit. After that I had to call it quits and stop eating; luckily we burned it off with 3 hours of hiking which ended up being to 3 hours of walk two steps and take a picture, walk 3 more steps, take a picture. I bought my boyfriend a Nikon D3100 for Christmas so he was in the same groove as I was in.

I am pretty pleased with how my photos came out considering it was cloudy and dark. The view from the trails were absolutely breathtaking, and because we were up in the mountains the snow didn't melt.

Along with the new lens and amazing day in the mountains my boyfriend also bought me my domain for my blog so expect changes very soon, as well as a 500px account so I can display and sell my photos so keep an eye out for it as i begin to set it up.

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  1. LOVELY new lens! I'm so glad you're very happy with it. You're well-taken care of by that boyfriend of yours. =]

  2. Sounds like an amazing day! Those pancakes look so delicious!

    Black and Vanilla

  3. Love your post! Bad idea to check it out at this time of night. Now I'm hungry. :)


  4. Love these photos.. you make that breakfast look super good right about now!


  5. What a most beautiful place and the food looks absolutely delicious. Following you.

    <3 Marina

  6. happy new year!! hope you had a good holiday!

  7. This is food porn! Everything looks so delicious! :)


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