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I'm baccck! I know it has been a while (10 days to be exact) but I am finally back to posting after a super busy week of work and packing, whats better is that I am back in the city as well (its about time). What better way to celebrate than going out for soup dumplings in Flushing (yes I did just say SOUP dumplings). If you haven't tried soup dumplings then you clearly have not lived, these little pockets of soup and pork (or crab) are AMAZING. My sister, boyfriend, and I went to Joe Shanghai which has been rated #1 for these dumplings; I have never tried anywhere else and I never will because Joe's has become like a second home for us.

At Joe Shanghai's you can go in starving and leave full without emptying your wallet, these little suckers are $5 for 8 of them (trust me they are filling); we usually go through 2 trays a person. I love everything about them from the taste to how you have to carefully get the soup out before you pop them in your mouth.

How could I go to Joes without stopping by the Chinese supermarket across the street, its really the only place where you can get really cheep, unusual food. I am not a fan of the layout or the smell in some areas but if you want really cheep and good produce this is your place.

Lets not forget the ramen too, and I am not talking about cup of noodles, or maruchan, I am talking about NO english, how do I make this ramen (this stuff trumps anything you find anywhere else). If you cant understand the packaging, it probably means its good.

All in all I am ecstatic I am back, I have so many posts to put up and now my fridge is full of Chinese goodness .

Yes I know its weird that these frozen pops are to help you with lactic acid, I grew up eating these and I was pumped to see them, I just had to buy them.

To find more about Joe Shanghai and their locations:

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  1. The soup looks delicious! :O

  2. Dying to try the dumplings!
    And welcome back :)

  3. I love chines food! *_* I hope you will have more time for the blof now=)

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    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  4. oh...those dumplings would be perfect on a cold day like today!
    I always end up in trouble when I head to the Asian market for something simple (like coconut milk) and walk out an hour later with bags overflowing...


  5. Yum... you are making me hungry >_<

    xx Domenic



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