Chasing Pavements

7:50 AM

New Years Resolution #1: Post more; so far I am failing, I am going to put all the blame on work and the cold I am suffering from. As my winter vacation slowly comes to an end ( 2 more weeks! ) I am becoming more and more excited to get back into the city; so many places I want to eat at, so many new posts I have in mind. 

I was updating my 500px and came across some awesome New York photos I want to share. I often find myself racing against the traffic lights to catch a cross street photo, they have become some of my favorites.

Columbus Circle (North)

23rd Street (Madison Square Park)

Columbus Circle (East)

Broome & Mercer Street

9th and 23rd Street

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  1. It's like reading my post! I, too, was hoping to post more, but a flu (and a chest infection) has put me off using computer for a week. And I also love taking photos on the crossings and streets! I really loved the grid system in New York when I visited the city last month - and I was trying to get this perfect cross street photos. Yours are amazing, well done for not getting run over! :)

  2. This is definitely on my list of resolutions too! However, uni work is already piling up and we just resuming! Sigh

    Black and Vanilla

  3. Those pictures are awesome! I hope to visit New York soon! :D

    Fashionably Sparkly

  4. Hi thanks for your letter at IFB.
    I'm following you now, you can follow me back if you like my blog.

    Have a nice day,

    xx BBella

  5. love ny city and pics of them! big like!


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