Goodbye Flickr Hello 500px

9:04 PM

So its either my boyfriend took the hints i have been giving him about how I wanted a 500px account or he read the post on my blog about gifts to give photography lovers; either way i am moving off of Flickr and onto 500px. I love, love, LOVE 500px, it was a bit confusing to figure out at first , but it really is showing off my photography in a way Flickr could not. I have just started setting it up so I only have a few photos on it (being super selective) but I am loving the portfolio view with the specialized domain.

Also with 500px people can buy my photos (incase you were interested) $2.99 for a digital copy or $117 for a canvas.

Please be patient I am still adding photos to it everyday so keep checking back!

Check it out @: (Profile all photos)

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  1. Great quality!!

  2. Love it!!!


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