Glitter and Satin

5:43 PM

Well its about time! to paint my nails that it. I am not lying when I say that I have not opened up my box of nail polish for over 2 months. Excuse my ugly giant hands, they have been neglected for so long.

I decided to use Julep-Hailee, which has a natural satin finish (and you know how much I hate shiny polish). For my accent nails I used  Wet n Wild-Sparked which is only $1.99 and found at most drug stores. I love this Wet and Wild glitter polish and surprisingly it lasts about a week and a half before it chips (without a top coat).

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  1. I hope to try Julep nail polish someday.. Nice to talk with you on IFB.
    Hope you've entered my MK giveaway :)

  2. Really lovely colours, they go well together!

    - Celine


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