Grounded, Deep in the West Village

1:12 PM

It is no secret that I hate Starbucks, yes their specialty drinks are good , but spending over $5 dollars for a small cup of ice and flavored syrup is just not worth it. My boyfriend and I have our coffee shops we go to quite often (Stumptown, Joe's, Blue Bottle) so I was excited to search out for a new one to add to our list. Hidden deep in the West Village is a hole in the wall (thats a good thing) coffee shop called Grounded, and my god I am adding straight to the list of places to go.

Of course I always feel weird taking pictures inside places so unfortunately I dont have a picture of the interior, but it was as if we stepped out of the city and into suburbia. It was bigger than I expected with many seats to chill back and converse, or even bring your laptop to do some work (90 minute limit tho). It was crowded as many coffee shops are, but the coffee was good and had deep flavor, and the atmosphere was even better. They have much more than coffee, they also have an array of organic teas and pastries to die for.

My FAVORITE part were their mugs, they were all different, not two people were drinking out of the same cup, and none of them had "Grounded" imprinted on them. It was just one aspect that won me over, it added a little bit of a homey feel. 

So please people, lets stop thinking that Starbucks is gods gift to the world, because its not; their coffee is burnt and it is ridiculously over priced for what you are getting.

To find out more about Grounded check them out here:

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  1. I love to visit little and cozy cafes, and I enjoy them much more then big fast food restourants. It's all about quality, price and service levels: owners of little cafes know you, your preferences and they make coffee WITH LOVe ;)

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    Have a beautiful day, Eden!

  2. I stopped going to Starbucks because the calories in their drinks are ridiculous! I lost about five pounds after not going for a month. And I prefer a place were there are actual seats + it helps out our small independent business over these commercial establishments. I will definitely give Grounded a try! Don't get me wrong I occasionally do attend a Starbucks here and there but no longer on a daily basis.

  3. I love visiting quaint and cozy cafes as well! Most of those that I have visited have the best treats.

  4. That mug is so cute. I have to try this place!

    xo Tranay


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