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So I am no where near to being single, in fact my friends have basically dubbed me and my boyfriend "the married couple" because we have been with each other for so long (almost 4 years). My boyfriend and I really dont celebrate this day cause our aniversary is so close, but we do do little things for each other, and I always demand for a box of chocolate (what girls have needs!). I get it, Valentine's Day bites for anyone without a significant other, but who says you cant treat yourself right? Heres a few things that I would personally buy myself, or if you have a guy in your life its not too late to throw some hints for gifts.

1. Coops Rose Hearts- ($140.00) Who knew clip-on's could be so adorable. These little 18ct rose gold earrings are limited edition and will sell out fast.
2. Kate Spade Be Mine Studs- ($48.00) Hearts for Valentines Day! Okay corny but these studs are super cute.
3. Kate Spade Silver Knot Hinge Bangle- ($78.00) Simplistic and feminine, and who doesn't love Kate Spade.
4. Dylan's Candy Bar Martz-Pretz-Cookie Mix- ($15.00) It is completely necessary single or taken to consume a large amount of chocolate on Valentine's Day. If you have never been to New York and been inside Dylan's Candy Bar then you don't know what your missing, its like the candy land you imagined when you were little, but real!
5. Philosophy Kiss Me Color- ($10.00) This is for those who don't like lipstick but want kissable red lips.
6. Kate Spade Bow Tie Elastic Belt- ($98.00) Belts are definitely trending right now and this black, white, and gold belt will match with pretty much anything. 

7. Laura Mercer Honey Bath- ($40.00) Pretty much a bath is a necessity, whether you just go for a plain old bubble bath or you treat your skin with this honey bath formula, turn on the water and get in.

So go on take back this horrible holiday for singles, make it a YOU day, treat yourself; personally I think there should be a day for single people but that clearly did not fit in the calendar. Blast Backstreet Boys and dance  in your underwear with a homemade margarita in hand (if you don't get my choice of music you are either really old or really young, get with the program). For all of you that complain every year about your aloneness I am going to say what all your friends do not dare to say; get over it, you have the rest of your life to be confined to one person. Besides if you can not be happy alone who says a man can make you happy. 

Other acceptable bands?
Backstreet Boys 
Spice Girls
Brittany Spears (before she got weird)
One Direction ( only "What makes you beautiful" everything else is unacceptable)
Imagine Dragons
I could go on but these are just a few underwear dancing acceptable artists.

This post was inspired by IFB's Project #82:The Season of Love

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  1. I love imagine dragons! and a few one direction songs, like, in these moments when you need to laugh something at. It's pretty cool (?


  2. I love this post! Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to treat yourself. I like the heart shaped earrings :)

    - Celine

  3. Those heart shaped earrings are lovely and different!!! We are the same my friends do label my boyfriend and I as the "married couple" as well, but like most single ladies i always treat myself and this year im pretty sure i want those earrings!!

  4. Great post!I also treat myself on VDAY.

  5. Love those earrings! I nominated you for a Liebster Award:

  6. I want all of these in a gift basket! Those are indeed the cutest clip on earrings I have ever seen. Also, I'm in a relationship but I always make time for 90s dance parties in my room. My boyfriend thinks this is hilarious I think it's a necessity of all girls. :)

  7. I can not tell you how much I LOVE this post! I think it's cool that you can write a blog for a single girl when you're clearly taken, and make it so relatable and interesting. I think I'm going to take a personal day soon and treat myself since I definitely didn't do anything this Valentine's day. :)


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