Strong Healthy Nails? ... Its Possible!

6:41 PM

So unless you drink a ton of milk or eat a lot of cheese you are probably lacking in calcium and Vitamin D, which means your nails suck (like mine). Since I HATE milk, and eating as much cheese as I want to would potentially make me gain a million pounds I have to find other ways to strengthen my nails. Here is a short list of little things you can do to promote nail growth. 

1. There is one thing you should always do and that’s to always have your nails painted. Color or clear those few layers of polish really strengthen your nails and prevent knicks and chips. Essie is genius of course and has a whole line of treatment polishes that from personal history work pretty damn well. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil , Essie Protein Base Coat , Essie 'First Base' Base Coat , Essie 'Fill in The Gap' Base Coat

2. Biotin- ($6.00) This is like a gift from the gods of hair, skin and nails. Biotin pills are pretty much sold at any pharmacy and supermarket and when I say it does wonders, I mean it. It takes a few weeks for you to notice results, but once it kicks in you will have sleekly hair, your skin will show improvements and your nails will be thicker and longer.

3. Nail Filing- No nail filing wont make your nails grow faster or make them thicker but it will keep them uniform and pretty. The more uniform the less chance to break them. (just remember never file when your nails aren’t completely dry!)

4. Sephora Brush-On Cuticle Oil- I HATE cuticles; I have never used cuticle oil before but its supposedly really good to keep hose nasty cuticles from ruining your manicure.

5. Sephora Nail Corrector Pen- Okay this doesn’t promote healthy nails but it does make them pretty, the less excess nail polish you have around your nails the more attractive they are. It’s absolutely impossible to get the itty bits off the side of your nail with a Q-tip without messing up the rest (will definitely be purchasing).

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  1. Gotta try that Biotin...

  2. Great read! I take alot of collagen, really helps my hair and nails!

    xo KCN

  3. such a helpful post! thanks so much for this.

  4. A really great product I can't rave enough about is Pefect Formula's "Pink Gel Coat" polish. This stuff makes miracles happen!!!


  5. Oh this is so helpful! I will have to try out some of these :D

    - Celine

  6. Thanks for this hun. indeed such a helpful post!:)

  7. It is like you read my mind!I also too don't like milk, unless I am eating cereal. lol So this morning I started to take Iron pills <3

    Carnetta Sheffield

  8. Such a good post! I hate milk too, and I need stronger nails with all the painting I do :)


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