Week In Instagram 2/8 - 2/12

7:56 PM

So I am starting to get into the groove of being back in the city, I have developed a system to manage my life without going crazy. It consists of sleep, work, class, pass out, repeat (my favorite part is the sleep if it isn't obvious). As everyone probably knows Nemo (stupid name) hit the north east and I LOVED IT, there is nothing more beautiful than NYC covered in a thick blanket of snow, although the harsh sun against the reflective snow has made it extremely difficult to take photos hence why i haven't posted many. Of course I didn't plan very well and wore heels on Friday, lets just say my travels back were very difficult.

This week was dollar smoothie days at Jamba Juice... I basically lived off of them, not to mention dollar oatmeal Wednesdays. Everyone made fun of me for having multiple smoothies in the fridge, but really the joke is on them cause come next week they go back up to $4 dollars a pop. What can I say I am a smoothieholic, they are just too good.

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  1. big like! love the instagram posts!
    today we have one too!

  2. Great Pictures! I wish I could have seen the city in the snow. All the pictures I've seen are gorgeous!

    ~ Caroline

  3. Great photos my best friend just moved to New York. I already miss her but I know New York will treat her well. :)


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