Brooklyn Winter Flea

5:28 PM

To think this is where my blog all started, in Brooklyn; well I am very happy to say that Brooklyn Flea is back! Although this is not Smorgasburg its pretty close and I may even like this location better (although its slightly out of the way). Located off of Atlantic Avenue right next to the Barclays Center, this flee market is MASSIVE. From vendor to vendor you weave through this beautiful building on 3 floors.

Excuse the use of all black and white photos the lighting inside was not ideal for photography (also I like dramatic looking photos). If you are in the search for glasses, tie clips and vintage jewelry then this is the place for you, the place was filled with vendors selling unique pieces for such a deal. If you are like me and get all sketched out by touching people's used stuff this flea really didn't give me that vibe, everything was really clean and no one was selling down right garbage.

Out of the three floors the downstairs was my favorite, partially (okay fully) because of the food.

Very similar vendors that attend Smorgasburg were here in the basement, and finally Asia Dog and I were reunited! (Confused? read Here). I got the same Vanh dog again I just couldn't resist, I missed the meaty Vietnamese style dog since the last time I had it, well worth $4.00. There was such a wide selection of good eats from pork sami's to legit ramen bowls. I was really excited to see McClure's have a stand, the are a pickle company that makes the best pickles that I have probably ever tasted, a bit pricey for a jar but well worth it.

To find out more about Brooklyn Flea, the location, and the vendors that attend visit their website here:

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  1. Hi!

    I found your blog through ifb and I'm glad I did. Your photos are amazingg. I've only visited New York a couple of times but I'll def check out the flea the next time. :)

    Also, I followed you on bloglovin


  2. You, new yorkers, are really lucky people! I literaly wanted to eat all the space filled with vintage with my eyes! ah, amazing!


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