Week Through Instagram 3/9 - 3/16

4:52 PM

Its been a bit since my last post, between school, my internship, and going on interviews for a summer internship I have barely had enough time to even go through the comments all of you have left on my past posts (THANK YOU!). Have no fear, the weekend is here and I have tons of posts to finally put up so expect more very soon!

As busy as I am, it all just seems uneventful and boring; even my Instagram pictures have been lacking. Two weekends ago I visited the Brooklyn Winter Flee which I shared with you all here; I stumbled across the cutest earrings that were made out of zippers. I almost bought them except for the fact that I have not worn earrings in years and my ears probably closed up already (so dissapointed they were really unique). I am absolutely in love with my new Wet N' Wild Megalast Lip Color, so much that I had to take a selfie at work ( yes i am ashamed of myself too). Other than that and the fact that I just got a load of Lacoste clothes that I am very excited to take photographs of nothing really exciting has happened in the past two weeks. Hopefully things die down a bit, spring break is in the near future so expect to see more posts very soon!

Instagram: @Edenc4

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  1. That lip color looks great on you!

  2. great photos! :)


  3. cute photos! starbuckssssss<3
    Emma xx


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