Wet N' Wild Megalast Lipstick Review

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Clumping, feathering, drying out, these are just a few things you don't want your lipstick to be associated with; I have been on the hunt for a good stick that lasts long and won't require me to check in the mirror every two minutes at a great price. I have gone through 4 different brands and I think I found one... and the price? only a $1.99! I know $1.99 can't get you any good quality beauty product these days, but Wet n' Wild lip color really does what you want your lip color to do, without those annoying side effects.

Given that its $1.99 the packaging is really cheap (clearly plastic), but who cares its not the packaging that you will wear around for 5+ hours. One of the things I really loved about the sticks was the shape, it has a flat top which is different from the iconic lipstick shape, this makes it easier to apply if you use a brush (which lessens the possibility of clumping if you are wondering).

I originally bought the Red Velvet hoping it was that iconic red red that every girl needs in their makeup bag... it was not. In fact even the Stoplight Red isn't fully red, but who is complaining when you can get affordable good quality makeup. Wet n' Wild Megalast lipstick comes in over a dozen colors ranging from red to pinks to neutrals. The color glides on easily, but doesn't fade throughout the day. Yes if you drink a bottle of water or touch your lips it comes off a bit, but most expensive lipsticks do, I put this on this morning at 10am and it still looks pretty much the same at 5pm. Over the course of 7 hours i didn't have to reapply, or wipe off cause of feathering or clumping.

I am wearing the Red Stoplight in this photo and as you can see its not really the color of the swatch on the bottom of the tube, but its still some shade of red. 

Super Cheep
Lasts 6+ Hours
No Feathering
No Clumping
Wont Dry Out Your Lips
Easy to Apply

Cheap Tube
Colors May Not Be Exactly Like The Swatch

So would I recommend this product to my readers? Hells yes, I am beyond satisfied with it, I find it better than most more expensive brands. So try it out.. what are you loosing? oh yea only $1.99.

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  1. I know, with those it´s always a hit or miss..but if they´re bad at least you didn´t spend a lot...Great color on the photo though!!


  2. Great review! It's so hard to find a lipstick that will actually last without fading or drying out.

    - Celine

  3. Awesome review, I definitely don't think Wet N Wild gets enough credit. I will definitely check out their lipstick next time I'm in the drugstore.

  4. I'm obsessed with red lipstick! Thanks for messaging me on IFB, (God that site is crazy, man! So many messages!) I really like your blog, new follower here! Hope you'll come and look at mine! Lots of love from rainy Britain xx


  5. Love the color! Thanks for the message on IFB!

    Style On,
    Alicia G.

  6. Great review! It's nice to know that there's such a great affordable option like this out there.

  7. awesome color!
    Emma xx

  8. Awesome color and price! Looks good on you. I had been searching a lipstick but not red more brown or bordeaux. I've bought but Im not satisfieded with the result so maybe I should check this brand.
    Asli X

  9. Oh WOW! LOVE and CHEAP!! Sometimes its the little things isn't it?

  10. thanks for the advice!! the lipcolor looks really great on you! following on bloglovin :)


  11. I love wet n wild! Following you love your blog thanks for your message on ifb. Follow me back @ www.nightchayde.blogspot.com

  12. Actually, NYX is way cheaper than this (in my country tho, Wnw cost around $4.4 and NYX only $3.7). But I planned to get some of the Cherry Bomb later in the end of this month :D

    Nice review x

  13. Love Love Love this brand of lipstick, Cherry Bomb is my go to in Autumn!!
    Alyssa over at thestrangelifebocastyle.com


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