Smorgasburg Returns with Spring

4:56 PM

Its back! and so am I after what feels like a never ending hectic week. Smorgasburg returned this weekend, as many of you remember my first post was about Smorgasburg so I was really pumped to go on its first (and second) day. For all of you who do not know what Smorgasburg is, its an all food fair that takes place from spring to fall at the Williamsburg Waterfront and at the Dumbo Waterfront every weekend. Barbecue, Japanese, Vietnamese, Columbian, Mexican, you name it they probably have a stand for it, with approximately 97 vendors theres food to satisfy just about any craving.

I would also like the point out that it was gorgeous this weekend, high 50's not a cloud in the sky, after my long and stressful week I really needed a pick me up and this was it. 

I didn't get much on Saturday in Williamsburg except for this delicious "Sambora" from Bon Chovie, which was a cross between limeaid, cranberry juice and a non alcoholic sangria. Sunday however was a different story, fish and chips from Handsome Hank's Fish Hut, doughnuts from Dough and to wash it all down a mango lemonade (my stomach has never been so happy in all my life).

I know I said this in my first Smorgasburg post but I just love the atmosphere of the Dumbo location in the old tobacco warehouse, this one is also slightly smaller and less crowded. It may seem kind of excessive to go back to back when the vendors are the same on both days, but I have waited the entire winter season for this day I couldn't just go once.

Best doughnuts ever.

There is NO reason not to check this place out, whether you go to the Williamsburg location or Dumbo its something unique to do in the city. So go eat some food, discover new places, and just enjoy being outside because honestly winter kind of sucked.

Every Saturday, rain or shine @ Williamsburg Waterfront
Every Sunday,  rain or shine, @ DUMBO Waterfront at the old Tobacco Warehouse

For more information click HERE to be redirected to their website

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  1. All this looks amazing! I envy you!

  2. Hi, I am your latest follower! All that delicious food would mean I wouldn't eat for a week afterwards.


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