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So I have spoken about earing cuffs and stacking bracelets but I was inspired by IFB' Project # 92 to just talk about jewelry I like, personally I am a simple very minimalistic person, a watch and a bracelet will do just fine for me. For me I think it’s more about what you are wearing than how much, and more than not people go overboard mixing metals and textures from their bracelets to their earrings and it just does not look good (unless you are participating in this stacking bracelets trend). Although I rarely wear jewelry (partially because I am too tired in the morning to pick it out), I like unique pieces, things that not everyone has. Also I found that recently I am more attracted to the "gold" look over silver (depending on what matches best with your outfit of course). Below are some really unique "gold" pieces I found online in my desperate search to diversify my own jewelry collection.

1. ZARA, Fish Bone Pendant- ($29.00) I think this is absolutely ADORABLE. This fish pendant is simple enough to wear with just about anything but still makes a small statement. Also although ZARA doesn’t go into it, the chain looks relatively long which personally I prefer over shorter necklaces.
2. Marc Jacobs, Zip It Studs- ($58.00) I posted a picture a while back on one of my Instagram recaps of zipper earrings at the Brooklyn Flee, I was really excited to see that someone actually makes a legit pair. (they also come in silver if you are wondering).
3. Monserat De Lucca, Dove Earrings- ($55.00) Never heard of the company but I am officially a fan, these three dove earrings are whimsical but still simple at the same time. If you're not into the earring cuff trend (or if you are) then these could be perfect for you, it's a statement without going overboard.
4. Cast of Vices Coming or Going Hospital Bracelet- ($187.00) okay a little pricy but if you have ever gone out to a concert or a club and have gotten one of those wristbands then you know how ANNOYING they are (you can never just pull them off). There is nothing annoying about this gold wristband, and honestly I have never seen anything like it. A plus, it's adjustable.
5. Monserat De Lucca Twisted Vine Bracelet- ($85.00) This reminds me of the dove earrings in #3, it almost looks like a nest.
6. Juliet & CompanRunway Multi Strand Pearl Bracelet- ($38.00) I LOVE this staggered pearl bracelet, you almost get a vintage vibe from it (which is currently trending) but it doesn’t have that vintage old, rotting look.

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  1. I love these pieces! Especially the bird earrings! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  2. I really really.......reallyyy like those zipper earings from MbMJ! AAAH neeed! I'M gonna go check it out! Thanks!


  3. love the zipper earring! so cute!
    thanks for a message on ifb, i am your new follower! via GFC and bloglovin'


  4. Love these pieces! Pretty!

    thanks for the message on ifb, following you now:)


  5. Those zipper earrings are pretty cute!

    Kate from Clear the Way


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