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As many of you know from my April Instagram recap, my lovely boyfriend bought me an iPad Mini for my birthday. I can not express how much I love this little device, its portable and so useful especially when it comes to managing my blog, and my school work. Now I am a picky about cases, it needs to be able to protect my device but also be aesthetically pleasing (I have gone through at least 4 cases for my iPhone). It took me a few days to find the perfect case for my iPad mini and I thought I would share a few that I absolutely fell in LOVE with, because as a fashion blogger it is important for your case to be properly protected as well as fashion forward.

1. Hide x Stitch - ($125.00) Nothing gets more classic than a simple leather pouch, adorned with just contrast stitching and the logo of the company. Designed to fit the iPad mini, Kindle PaperWhite, and  Kindle Touch, this sophisticated case is hand made (which justifies the price) in New York. I just love the color and purity of the leather that they use, this is definitely a very professional case, and one that is meant to last.

2. Stone + Cloth - ($39.00) Opposite of the previous professional iPad mini case, this case is more fashion forward coming in several different colors as well as two different types of stripes. These snap closure fabric cases comes in two sizes to fit a mini and a regular iPad.

3. Striiiipes - ($42.00?) I can quite figure out the price of this one, but its approximately $42, or around there. Out of all of these cases this one is my favorite, they are chic and super fashion forward while being minimalistic. I can totally imagine myself walking down the streets of NYC with one of these. Hand crafted in Paris this envelope pouch is made out of colored suedette with a stripe cotton lining. This company also makes a cute suede brown lunch bag, a must check out.

4. Kate Spade - ($50.00) Okay so I was super disappointed to see that this case did not come out for the mini, just the regular iPad because it is adorable. We all know my deep love for Kate Spade, I am still tempted to buy it although it will be too big.

5. Mujjo - (58.14 - $64.61) Imagine a well tailored suit for your iPad, well this is it. This case made by Mujjo combines thick, soft wool felt with high quality leather to provide a snug protection for your iPad or iPad mini. This case also has an interior pocket to store documents or headphones becoming much more than a case for your iPad but also a clutch like bag. Once again more on the sophisticated side, this case is for those who are looking for minimalism with great quality.

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  1. Love these!

  2. Hi there! I found you through Links a la Mode on IFB:) We both got chosen for the May 30th roundup. Great post! I started following you on bloglovin.

  3. Great post!! I love number 3 the most!! :)
    They are colorful and so much fun


  4. SUCH cute options. I'm definitely a Kate Spade girl! :)

  5. Lovely colors!!! congrats on the IFB!!!


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