Sam & Libby Edelman for Target

10:04 PM

 Slightly late with this post, but better late than never right! Ever since it was announced I have been crossing the days off my iCal for the release of the Sam and Libby Edelman line for target, I have been so busy that I almost forgot about it (well I did forget). Now, I have a deep love for Sam Edelman shoes, so much that I have protected the bottoms of my Lorissa heels with Protect Your Pumps to make them last longer and protect them from daily wear and tear. I'm not so familiar with Libby Edelman but if Target's collection was going to even have an ounce of the beauty that is in Sam's shoes I would be content... and I am beyond that, we may be able to call this love.

The collection has far surpassed my expectations, I have walked down the shoe aisle in Target before and its very rare that my jaw drops and I buy something, but these shoes definitely fixes that. First off the line screams summer with the seasons trending bright and playful colors, and patterns. The selection is a nice size containing flats, wedges, heels and sandals (covering all the essentials). You can really see in every shoe inspirations that were taken from Sam Edelman's shoes, some of the Target styles could be mistaken for Sam Edelman styles such as Gigi, Sophie and Mason with a more youthful playful twist.

I decided to pull a few of my favorites to give you guys a overall feel for the line and make you fall in love the same way I have.

1. Bree // 2. Kamila // 3. Sonia  // 4. Marilyn // 5. Adley

All these styles are currently trending, I have seen a plethora of people wearing, the peep toe heel, capped toe flat, and the smoking shoe in the city. I just love the color and print combinations they used and how they mixed patterns and solids in some of the styles. The line really did blow my expectations away and if i had the money I would buy every single pair. Prices begin at $22.99 and go up to $34.99 making them extremely affordable especially if you are a Sam Edelman fan such as myself.

To check out the entire line click here.

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  1. Oh my ... def need to go to Target! Love number 3. Thanks for sharing!


  2. These shoes look great! Wish I lived in America.. *sigh*

  3. love it! Lana Layne

  4. Love the neon flats! :)
    xoxo Aimee

  5. Absolutely adore #5. Can't wait to add those to my closet!

  6. Such a great post, im glad i stopped by your blog coz i didn't know about this. i Love sam Edelman shoes, im glad they released a limited line at target like other designers do, i would run to the nearest target store today, ihope they still have my size, im going gaga over no.3 and 5.have a great day!

  7. I heard about this! How exciting I love Target fashion!!


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