Week Through Instagram 5/1 - 5/23

11:51 AM

Its been a while since I posted an Instagram recap, or anything photography related for that matter. Now that my Lacoste internship has ended and classes are over I have headed out of the city and back home for a few weeks before going back (when I do go back expect some more photography posts from my D90). I didn't want to share it before but now that its over as I said this semester I interned with Lacoste in their merchandising department. This internship honestly goes down as one of the best experiences of my life, I have gained a new appreciation for the company and have learned so much more about the industry that FIT just couldn't teach me. I spent my last day however doing absolutely nothing but rummaging through the photo-shoot photographs that I assisted with (hence the photos of models below).

The meatballs and cookie sandwich are from this place called The Meatball Shop located in Soho, I highly recommend going there it was out of this world. I got steak and bacon meatballs covered in a chunky pesto (what other place do you know that has such a thing... amazing).

I just returned home from a three day mini vacation from the Jersey shore, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the water and watching the waves. It was a bittersweet trip, while on one hand it was relaxing and beautiful the shore still hasn't fully recovered from Hurricane Sandy, and many of the houses are still destroyed and haven't been knocked down yet. This trip was exactly what I needed though after one of the most hectic semesters yet.

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  1. cool pics!<3

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  2. Cool pictures! I really like this post. :)



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