Let It Rain...Or Not

8:46 PM

It feels good to have more free time, especially if that free time involves taking photographs; its been a while since I posted some of my works. Today my sister and I decided to check out MOMA's Expo I the Rain Room before it closes tomorrow at midnight. Now I have seen tons of ads for it on the subway and have read of dozens articles, but I don't know why I didn't go until the second to last day (would have been better to go earlier since the line took 7 hours). For all of you who haven't heard of the Rain Room, its an interactive exhibition where the viewer can enter a room in which its raining. The room has motion detectors so you don't get wet, when you walk in an area it stops, its as if you have an invisible umbrella. I must say it was a bit trippy to walk into the area and not get wet, yes a few drops will hit you but for the most part you stay dry.

The room is dark except for one spot light, which of course inspires for some silhouette photographs. All you have to do is google rain room and you will get a plethora of photographs from people doing yoga to people getting engaged. 

Of course as a photographer I had to take this opportunity to get out there and check it out, especially since i haven't taken many photos lately. I absolutely LOVE how these photographs came out, I'm such a sucker for a good black and white photo.

Normally I advise you guys to check these kinds of things out, but the line was a minimum of 6 hours ( we waited 7) and thats only for members and members guests. The non member/guests were looking at a 12+ wait if they even got in.

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  1. Cool!!!

  2. These photos really turned out well! I'm just starting with photography and hope I can achieve something so simply stunning someday. The first photo especially has a great depth, it just pulls you in! Mind my asking what camera you're using?

  3. These are incredible! I wish the exhibit was staying open longer. I just learned about it a few days ago and would have loved the chance to see it.

    ~ Caroline

  4. Hey Eden,
    I also have been to the rain room exhibition in London and it was just an amazing experience. I really enjoy reading your blog, that's why I have nominated/tagged you along with 10 other blogs for a liebster award. The purpose is to discover new good blogs which are not that popular yet and connect with other bloggers in the community. I will have a post on those 11 blogs and the award up this week. Make sure to check it out :)


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