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Im back! (again) but for real this time, my internship finally came to an end. As you guys know I don't usually talk about my internships on my blog, but many of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram have probably figured it out. It was a lot of work but it goes down as one of the best experiences of my life. I can not stress enough how important internships are and if you are like me and are going to school for fashion, get out there and work for a company you are interested in. You learn so much in such a short amount of time, knowledge that you can't learn in classes or books.

Anyways, the other day me and my friend went into Zara and I was shocked when their was more sale items than full price, in fact the entire store was a sale. Zara recently started their end of season sale giving you H&M prices with the chic fast fashion look and great quality that Zara is known for. If you don't live by a store I suggest you go online and check some of it out, i mean where else can you get a blazer for $40?

1. Checked Blazer- ($39.99)
2. Linen Marl Blazer- ($39.99)
3. Jersey Blazer- ($39.99) Every girl should have a jersey blazer, it can dress up rany casual look and they are comfortable to beat. You cant see it in this photo but there are tiny navy blue polka dots, which makes this blazer fashion forward and really chic.

2. Two-Toned Denim Shirt- ($39.99) So many people are doing this two toned denim shirt, and Zara really pulls it off well contrasting the extreme dark and the more recognizable denim colors.

2. Ethnic Printed Shorts- ($29.99)
3. Paisley Printed Shorts- ($29.99) I really love these shorts, unfortunately they don't have the other colors online, but this also came in green and red.

1. Leather Color Block Mini Skirt- ($39.99) A simple leather colorblock skirt; a must have.
2. Striped Mini Skirt- ($29.99) So I saw this skirt in the Soho store and was really upset when they didn't have my size. I am in LOVE with this skirt so I went to 4 different Zara stores to find it, the fit is amazing and the fabric is a good quality for only 30 bucks.
3. Floral Print Skirt- ($29.99)

These were just a few of my favorites (especially that red and black skirt!) but really go check it out. Everything is super cheap and a lot of it will transfer nicely into the fall.

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  1. Those are some great steals! I had no idea the Zara sales were so good... Definitely going to take a look!

  2. yees, they had great sales this summer! unfortunately they closed the shop in the city centre of Manchester for renovation....but there are other methods to get the items :D


  3. Hi Edun! What kind of internship did you do? was it related to your fashion program?
    I am thinking of applying to fashion programs myself :)

  4. Love the Marled blazer. Especially the olive tone.


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