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Imagine: your broke. Well for some of us its easier to imagine this than others, but why should this stop you from buying this season's hottest looks. If I had to choose to buy an addition to my wardrobe it would be shoes, they can totally change an outfit, dressing it up or down. These days though designer shoes are really pricy, as a college student I know it hurts to blow $100+ dollars on footwear (but we NEED it!)

I was in Target today and walked past their shoe section, we already know they have a collaboration with Sam and Libby Edelman, but thats not what caught my eye. Yet a pair of booties that resembled the Sam Edelman Ria they had for Fall 2011. So I thought why not hunt down affordable shoes that mimic our favorites! Don't get me wrong I LOVE Sam Edelman, my favorite pair of shoes are Sam Edelman but when you have no money we shouldn't have to sacrifice not having the seasons hottest 
trends right?

1. Sam Edelman Ria vs Merona Molly - Oh the Ria bootie, Sam Edelman got rid of this bootie a few seasons ago, and while you can still buy it on "Ebay" or "Amazon" the legitimacy of it all is 0 to none. Target is selling this look alike which is what inspired this post. I tried them on, they are super comfortable and super chic, a must buy.

2. Sam Edelman Alvin vs Mossimo Vianca Smoking Flat - I love the classic black smoking flat, while Sam Edelman's version is made of calf hair you can still get the look with Mossimo's black smoking flat. At what price you ask? only $20 dollars (now thats a steal).

3. Sam Edelman Sophie vs. Sam & Libby Edelman Sonia - Okay I cheated "technically" Edelman makes both of them but the similarities were so close I had to include it, especially when you see the price difference. While the Sophie is gorgeous the Sonia is a good replacement.

4. Sam Edelman Salina vs Mossimo Vonnie - Okay these two do share a number of differences, for one the Salina has a different toe shape and detailing on the ankle however if you are looking for a similar look at an amazing price I think this Mossimo Vonnie does just the trick.

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  1. I really feel you on the buying dupes! It's so sad though that if we want an affordable "trendy" shoe we end up waiting a year before it hits a Target or a lower-brand shoe so we can afford! Love this type of segment though!


  2. I really love how you are able to find a cheaper version of these shoes! loved the second ones:)

  3. cool post!

    Emma xx

  4. Thanks for the message on HeartIFB! Sam Edelman makes so many adorable shoes, it's great to know that there are dups out there for the masses!

    I've bookmarked/subscribed, can't wait to read more!

    Thanks again!


  5. love your fashion on budget post
    keep it up


    be sure to check out my blog :-)

  6. I love this - that's where vintage and classic looks really come to play - I don't mind paying for quality if I know it will last a few seasons.
    Sign up for special AHKA store priviledges

  7. Ooh I adore the smoking flats, I'll have to look out for something similar here in the UK. Kudos on this post, I think the alternatives are all great matched for their higher-priced counterparts.

  8. love it! great finds.
    x rachel @


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