SS14 NYFW Recap I

8:45 PM

Ignoring the giant elephant in the room (the fact that I have once again been MIA) lets talk about one of the most wonderful times of the year, NYFW! Now any of you who read my last posts on Fashion Week from Fall knows that I was so disappointed (BEYOND). Spring definitely gave me hope for the future, so much that it was ridiculously hard to pick my favorites (and its not over yet). Everything from the colors to the silhouettes SS14 is amazing, giving us pieces that we really want, and leaving us curious on how fast fashion retailers such as ZARA and H&M are going to adapt these looks for us.

Just a few things I have noticed from the shows I have gone through:
1. White, white, white, so many designers have all over white looks. 
2. The cropped shit trend is going nowhere.
2. Peakaboo, hello sheer.

Look out for more posts like this as NYFW unfolds along with the others! This post was submitted to IFB Project #112

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  1. I noticed the crop tops weren't going anywhere yet either, and I must admit I was pretty surprised! I didn't think the trend would stay strong as long as it has been, but now that waists are sitting higher and clothing fits more loosely, the cropped trend is fairly wearable.

  2. White....I thought that was a 2013 thing (so many stores were promoting LWDs this past summer)....guess the trend is continuing.

  3. That crop top comment made me chuckle. And I wouldn't have thought this particular trend would have lasted either since most women tend not to be comfortable showing their stomachs.


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