L'Oreal Fizz Taming Serum Review

7:28 PM

A while back I received some products from L'Oreal during a hair consultation, one being the Advanced Haircare Fizz Taming Serum. If you haven't read any of my previous posts then you don't know that my hair is a huge mess, really curly and slightly frizzy, which is why when a L'Oreal expert told me this will solve my problems I was eager to try. My blogging hiatus actually allowed me to try this over a span of a few months before writing this review (I like to try products more than once before giving my opinion so it panned out well).

My overall take on it? Kind of underwhelmed. 

My first take on this product was that it was super affordable priced at about $7.00 which is under similar products that start at about $8.00 and go up from there. In addition compared to other products this is a great size and lasts a long time is used correctly. Its not super greasy and doesn't cling to your hands after use (great plus, nobody wants to scrub oily hands). In addition it smells pleasant without being overpowering.

I have used this product on both wet hair and dry hair and had more impactful results on wet. When putting it on wet hair it makes your hair soft (not super soft but barely noticeable soft). On dry hair is keeps down flyways and tames frizz. 

So why am I underwhelmed if it does exactly what it says it will? Well the product just does not last long enough, my fly aways pop up the moment i walk out of the house. At first I thought I was not putting enough however any more and my hair could get greasy. The packaging claims its 72 hours of smooth frizz control (with the use of other products), not so convincing, it doesn't really create a humidity barrier like it says it does. 

Would I recommend it? Perhaps, if you are looking for a good product for a great price then yes, especially if your hair is thinner and accepts this kind of formula better than mine. However if you want to be 100% pleased then maybe you should splurge and purchase Frizz-Ease.

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