Vday Gift Guide

8:29 PM

Its officially February 1st, which means you have about 14 days to find a gift for your significant other... ready, set, GO! Well I know in the past trying to find that perfect gift is pretty tricky, so I put together a list of gifts that range for any type of girl/guy in multiple price ranges (cause you know no one buys a new boyfriend/girlfriend a $200 dollar gift).

2. Pinch Provisions 'Checkmate' Minimergency Kit • $18.00 - A must have at the office or in your purse this little pouch has everything you will need in an emergency, deodorant wipe, nail polish remover pads, lip balmm dental floss and pretty much anything that will save you in a pickle.
4. Formula X White Party • $22.50 - what better way to get ready for spring than with a pretty pastel manicure, and with multiple colors this pack offers it could last you from Feb 14th to high summer.

And of course since the majority of my readers are female, heres a short list ofwhat you should buy your man.

2. Foodie Dice 'Mixology' Dice Set • $38.00 - okay so I already listed this one but if my boyfriend represents any % of men then this could make a nice addition to our future bar cart.
3. The Truman Razor in Ivory • $10.00 - my boyfriend has Harry's and yes I have stolen it a few times, closest shave I have ever gotten with a razor... perhaps I should have put this on the for her side.

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  1. Hi dear and thank you very much for your friendship on IFB. I’m very happy!!! Congratulations for this gift selection! Have a nice day, kisses,

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  2. Great gift ideas!


  3. Love this guide! I have some gift ideas for my boyfriend now Xo.

  4. Hi Eden,

    This is Saltana from The Girl is Fierce. Thanks for your add on IFB, I love your blog, it is full of interesting and helpful fashion, beauty and food articles.



  5. I'd love to get any(or all XD) of the "gifts for her" on Valentines♥ Great post!
    xx Elena


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