Organix Macadamia Oil Review

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I know what you are thinking... Deja Vu? No I haven't posted about Organix Macadamia Oil before, but perhaps you are thinking of my Organix Argan Oil review. Clearly I was so pleased with the results I saw with the Argan oil that I had to go out and purchase other Organix products (confession I am on my fourth oil and have never been more pleased).

After using Organix Argan oil for a few weeks I realized that something was missing, while this was a great oil to put in my hair when it was wet I was missing the product to put in my hair when it was dried after I straightened it to death... and then I came upon the Macadamia Oil.

 photo Mac Oil_zpsrqjejuyy.png

I actually picked it up because it was on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.98, but like its brother it normally retails between $5.99 and $8.00 which is pretty comparable to big brands like L'oreal. Unlike the Argan oil, Macadamia oil is used in dry hair to create a super silky texture and help with fly aways. You only need a drop to get the desired results and it doesn't leave an oily residue on your hands when you are done either.

I must say I am in love with this product, never has my hair been so silky smooth from a drop of oil. I can shake my hair back and forth and the fluidity it has its almost like its been rehydrated, and I love that I can just put a drop in and say goodbye to pesky fly-aways (which i have a lot of considering how dead my hair has been since my last color). I recommend this product to anyone, and encourage people to try some of Organix other products in this line such as the Macadamia shampoo, conditioner and hair masque which I heard is also out of this world.

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