Brooklyn Icon; Coney Island

5:38 PM

For as long as I have lived in Manhattan I have never gone to Coney Island during the summer. There was one time I went in 32 degree weather a few years ago but that didn't count. I mean how could I be a true New Yorker ad and not go to one of the most iconic New York locations.

So I went.

Known for Nathan's and the Cyclone, Coney Island was a rush of vibrant colors and screaming kids. When I went a few winters ago everything was gated and closed off I was practically the only one on the boardwalk... I think i liked it better then.

I will say though there was a sort of nostalgic feeling in the air, but there was far too much going on for me to feel comfortable. Between the random music playing from someones old school boom box to the sounds of the dozens of carnival games my undiagnosed A.D.D was taking my brain through a whirlwind. I can see though a kid loving this place, being between a beach and a carnival must be a kid's fantasy... as long as you aren't scared of this...

.... way to be super creepy. I will probably have nightmares of this for days.

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  1. Hi Eden,
    Lovely photos... you've got a great eye for interesting scenes. Looking forward to reading more. I'm following you now!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I have spent summers in NYC and been up so many times in the past few years that it's a little odd I've never been to Coney Island ; )


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