Skip or Splurge: YSL Vox Box

8:11 AM

Introducing the latest and greatest Vox Box... I was sent this lovely little box containing Yves Saint Laurent makeup last week to review some free product. After many days of use I bring to you my feedback. Now i feel like in the past I have provided you with reviews on more affordable product and whether its worth it or not to purchase, but I think there are products out there where you can't skimp out (eyeliner being one of them). This LBB (Little Black Box) contained two products:

One being the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer and the other one being the YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector. 

Not going to lie the Blur Perfector threw me in for a loop. I have never used a product like it in the past and if it wasn't for nifty Youtube videos I probably wouldn't be writing this post right now. The perfector has 3 uses:

1. Use as a replacement for foundation
2. Set makeup
3. Mattify touch up

I tried #2 prior to #1, to use it to set my makeup with the little leather terry cloth pad the product comes with. Not going to lie... I didn't like it. I couldn't feel it going on my face and when I looked at the pad at the end it was covered in my foundation. I felt like it did more harm then good. Now when I used it instead of foundation I could see what the hype is about. The perfector starts as a balm but magically turns into a powder on contact. It blurs out imperfections, evens skin tones while leaving a subtle rosy finish. My skin felt as soft as silk, and the imperfections of my skin were reduced. 

Overall the product was good, but personally I love my foundation i won't be replacing it with a rosy finish anytime soon. With that said if you hate foundation and just want a clean fresh look its a must buy.

Moving on to the Touche Eclat Blur Primer, 2 love.

I was a little doubtful about this product in the beginning, I mean how can such a small primer promise such great things; smoother skin, minimized pores. I think it was mainly the glitter in the product that make me skeptical, I mean who wants glitter on their face.

Well I am a believer in the glitter now (still haven't figured out its purpose but there must be one). You just need a few dabs of the stick applicator on both cheeks and your forehead to cover your entire face. The primer glides on with ease and doesn't have that weird consistency that some primers do.

This primer made my skin look smooth and being enriched with corn oil, apricot kernel oil, passiflora oil, and rice brand oil my skin was moisturized and not greasyAs a primer it performed better than any primer I have used in the past. My concealer and foundation glided on with ease, and lasted all day (9+ hours). If your worried about it not going with your particular skin tone or if you have sensitive skin, no fret this primer would still work for you. 

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