What To Know Before You Strip

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While rose gold and bronde hair have just emerged as hair color trends this summer one snow white shade has been dominating them all and pushing people with even the darkest locks to give it all up. I recently made the change and stripped my medium brown hair to platinum blonde and I must say it was one of my best hair choices yet (picture at bottom of blog in Instagram feed).

 So what made me do it? Well I always wanted to make the drastic change, but never had the funds or the courage to do it. After finding the right stylist/colorist and reading tons of information about making the switch I was finally ready. No matter how much research I did though there were a few things I wish I read about before stripping my hair. So I am going to do all of you blonde hopefuls out there a favor, heres the things you need to know before going platinum. 

1. Its going to cost ALOT- I completely underestimated how much going from medium brown to blonde was going to cost me. I got lucky my colorist was able to get me to my desired color in one shot, but after calculating the initial cost ($200) the haircut to cut off any damaged hair ($40) the blowout I needed to make sure the color was even ($40) the shampoo from the salon ($20) and the tip to my wonderful stylist (20%-25%) I was paying well over $300. Expect to pay over $300 for the initial job and if you get your roots touched up at the salon you can expect to pay close to $100 every 4 weeks.

2. You will become completely obsessed with your hair- I read an article about how once you go platinum blonde, you become completely obsessed with your hair... it was true. I found myself thinking about my hair all the time I mean it was only a matter of time before my roots became visible I wanted it to be perfect. Honestly I loved the attention my new snowy white locks got and found myself treating it like a child. They say you will need to get your roots touched up after 4 weeks however no one said you will be able to see your roots growing back after about 24 hours. Not going to lie, this was depressing I just spent $300+ and already my brown hair is showing.

3. You don't have to do your eyebrows... no matter what they say- Dark eyebrows with light hair is OKAY actually its really edgy. Just make sure they are always cleaned up.

4. Purple shampoo will be your best friend- All hair has a certain level of red/orange hue in it. What I didn't know was you don't get to platinum without some help from toner and purple shampoo. Stripped hair will have a little to a lot of brassiness. Toner can pull that out however if you want to maintain your cool blonde you will have to use purple shampoo. Depending on your hair you will either need it everyday or once a week.  If you leave it in long enough you will really be able to tell the difference but watch out your hair can turn purple! Here are 2 of the best and my favorites:

5. Conditioner and oils will be your best friend- My hair stylist said this to me before i left and he was right. My hair completely changed bleached, it has a tendency to be dry and I could go a full week without using shampoo. I have to use conditioner for a minimum 10 minutes a day and up to 3 hours on the weekend when I have more time. After conditioner I spray my hair with a mixture of Vitamin E oil, Argan Oil, and Macadamia oil. Keeping your hair hydrated will become a full time job.

6. You CAN fix your roots at home- I may actually write a separate post about this. I watched countless videos and read many many reviews before attempting myself. With a lot of help and some initial errors I was able to touch up my roots myself, and the cost? About $20 each time. Below is what I used, mind you I am in no way shape or form a hair dresser, bleach is still dangerous, use at your own risk.

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  1. This is a lot of very helpful information. Some people make the mistake of literally destroying their hair and regret it in the end. :-) I love how you explained this so well. You have a great blog! http://bauchlefashion.com

  2. I LOVE this post! It's always great to get the opinion of someone who has actually been through the process. You provided a lot of helpful information.


  3. Great post! I went from dark brown to platinum last summer. It took two sessions, $400, and monthly deep conditioning treatments to keep my hair in tact. Despite the maintenance, I loved it and think every woman should go blonde at least once.

  4. Great post - I had a colour disaster this summer when my hair went grey through too much bleaching... encouraging to know that maybe I was slightly on point!! xx

  5. I LOVE this post! And number 3 is SOO true! As soon as I went lighter with my hair, I freaked out about my eyebrows, but now I totally love the contrast!



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