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2:13 PM

Like most women, I am always on the hunt for cheap dupes of the real deal. Don't get me wrong, I love buying high end makeup but if I can find an affordable version I am going to take it.

Its no secret that I love E.L.F although i am not going to lie some of their products just don't perform up to their expectations. Below are some of my favorites, the best of Eyes Lips Face.

e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set • $3 -Repeat after me, setting mist DOES make a difference. 

e.l.f. professional Lip Exfoliator, Clear • $3 - A MUST if you want to have flawless lips. I understand you can DIY with a bit of sugar and honey but why when you can get one pre-made for $3, + since its the shape of lipstick already there is no mess.

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner BLACK Eye Liner Makeup Liquid Waterproof • $6 - People swear by this product, personally I am not a fan of cream eyeliners, but I have tried it in the past and it really does holds up.

e.l.f. Studio Bronzer, Golden • $3 - I use this everyday, this bronzer is amazing ad because you blend 4 shades for one golden look you are in control.

e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer - Clear • $6 - Great primer that glides on with ease, easily compared to smash box primer.

e.l.f. High Definition Powder - Translucent • $6 - This product is AMAZING under the eye or just to finish off any look.

e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow • $3 - Try wet or dry these single baked eyeshadows offer tons of pigmentation.

e.l.f. Brush Collection, 11 piece • $30 - You can buy it as a set or individually for around $3 bucks a brush.

So really go try these products and let me know how they work... I mean what do you have to loose $3-$6?

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  1. This is a great review! I've never tried any e.l.f. products myself, but that just might have to change :)

  2. I've never used this line before, nor have I seen it where I live but I have seen a lot of vloggers use the Gel eyeliner to get their perfect wings.. ( still struggling with this one).

    Nice Post.


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